The local farm


Our Kopi Luwak does not come from just a random farm. We personally travelled tot his farm, to see if this coffee is produced in a way that doesn’t harm the animals. Ofcourse, it doesn’t.

Civet cats love the fruits of the coffeeplant. After eating them, the cat digests the fruit and the kernel remains intact. The kernel is found in the excrement. De farmers on this location, on the edge of the jungle, are going into the land a few times a week, to collect the kernel left by the cats. The civet cats live in their own territory in the nature, without being held captive. It’s a big job for the farmers, but in this way, the cats stay in their natural habitat. Their environment remains unharmed.

After collecting the kernels, they are cleaned and a clear coffeebean remains. This then is dried and roasted. This is the way the farmers make this eccentric Kopi Luwak we know, from the excrement of Civet Cats.

The coffee comes with a certificat. The certificat means that this coffee is produced envirenmentally friendly, without doing any harm to the animal and his habitat. The certificat is given by Sucofindo.

The beans

The beans are found in the excrement of the civetcats. The local farmer go into the jungle to find and collect them. The cats live in their own natural habitat, so the farmers sometimes have to go a long way into the jungle in order to find them. After the excrement is found, the beans are washed, dried and roasted. A clean bean remains, which gives us the eccentric taste of Kopi Luwak we know.

The coffee, the taste and a lot more

You drink coffee, is what people say. But this coffee has a lot of other benefits than just enjoying drinking ‘black gold’. Not only is Kopi Luwak good for the unique taste, it’s also good for your body. Here are a few benifits;

– It stimulates your brain. It reduces forgetfulness, stress and persistent headache/migraine.

– It is good for your body. You put the coffeegrounds on your body, which serves as soothing and healing substance. Your skin gets softer, it slows the aging proces and it helps pregnant women to reduce itch when put on their belly. The coffeegrounds also help against stretch marks and other scars.

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